Protective Structures

Trust in experience

Change of ownership

In the process of a strategic reorientation within the PFEIFER group, headquartered in Memmingen/Germany, the shareholder and the management board have decided to put the business unit Protective Structures / Schutzverbauungen into new hands.

As of 01. September 2022 the Trumer Schutzbauten GmbH, a cooperation partner of PFEIFER for many years who is located in Salzburg/Austria, has taken over this product­area. Trumer develops and manufactures natural hazard mitigation systems and has done so for over 30 years. These systems are being used worldwide.

Thanks to this acquisition Trumer Schutzbauten GmbH can expand its product portfolio substantially, and gain new patents and approvals especially in regards to the Swiss market. This enables Trumer to expand its presence in the Alps as weil as internationally. Trumer uses the streng position of PFEIFER lsofer on the Swiss market and has founded the Trumer lsofer AG at the previous location in Knonau, canton Zurich.

Your contacts in Switzerland:

Patrick Anderegg
Mobile:   +41 79 792 98 91

Ingvar Krieger, M.Sc. Geologist
Mobile:   +41 78 605 51 19

The PFEIFER group holds an immense sense of gratitude for the long years of partner-like cooperation and asks to transfer this trust to the new owner. The team from Trumer Schutzbauten is very much looking forward to getting in contact with you and will do everything in their ability to continue and deepen said partner-like cooperation.

Protection systems for your safety


Scientifically sound, reliable and economical

PFEIFER Protective Structures is a partner and expert for protective systems made of high-tensile strength materials. We develop customized protective nets and barriers for the prevention of natural hazards and other safety risks.


Protecting people is the top priority

True to this guiding principle, we place particular emphasis on reliable and scientifically tested protective systems that meet the highest standards and are precisely adapted to your needs and requirements.


Our experience for your safety

Know-how from decades of experience and successfully implemented projects all over the world, as well as close cooperation with research institutes and international experts, make PFEIFER your reliable partner.

The need for safety systems and protective structures is increasing worldwide

Economic development and the built environment are continuously growing. A network of roads, railways and runways extend to even the remotest of areas. Increasingly challenging terrain is being developed to enable this growth.

Development in hazardous areas has increased the need for risk mitigation. Landslides, rockfalls and avalanches are examples of such hazards that can cause enormous property damage and threaten personal safety. And these risks are increasing. Progressive climate changes and expanding human intervention in nature is leading to a significant rise in potential hazards.

We have made it our business to minimize these risks and make things as safe as possible. We utilize modern research, intelligent technology and decades of experience to understand natural hazards and create solutions to ensure your safety.

Our expertise in protective structures

From development to the finished product, from installation to maintenance and disassembly - we are the most experienced and comprehensive solution provider worldwide.

Protection systems

We develop standardized and application-specific protective meshes, nets and barriers for the prevention of natural hazards and many other safety risks.

Research, development and testing

Solution-specific product testing, safety simulations and certifications at our testing facilities and in cooperation with worldwide-recognized institutions and universities.

On-site consulting and support

We provide reliable advice for your application and support you with installation, monitoring and maintenance of protection systems.

Our protection systems

Rockfall Protection Barriers

PFEIFER Rockfall Protection Barriers
PFEIFER Rockfall Protection Barriers

Rockfall barriers based on over 35 years of testing and development experience, on one hand side being fully tested and safe, on the other side very well optimized cost wise:

  • Easy to install due to lightweight elements and very simple modular structure, easy to build and service
  • Modularity allows easy customisation (for multi-hazards)
  • Brake elements – extremely simple and easy in inspection and exchange (activation points clearly visible)
  • Elements designed to keep their parameters over the whole lifetime
  • Shorter anchoring due to lower anchor forces
  • Capable to stop also fast moving, smaller rockfalls (anti bullet effect solution) Watch example video here.
  • Can be easily equipped with warning or monitoring systems

Technical description

  • CE marked in class A (acc. EAD 340059-00-106, previously ETAG 027) as well as FOEN (BAFU) in Switzerland tested and certified
  • 100 – 5000 kJ dynamic capacity
  • 2.0 – 9.0 protection height
  • Main nets made out of high tensile steel (min.. 1770 MPa)
  • Tested high tensile secondary mesh on request (capacity of 675 kJ/m2)

Avalanche Prevention Nets

PFEIFER Avalanche Prevention Nets
PFEIFER Avalanche Prevention Nets

Wide range of snow nets preventing from snow avalanches, not allowing the snow cover to glide:

  • Tested and homologated solution
  • Wide range of snow cover thickness capability, up to 4.0 m
  • Flexible structure offers rockfall protection (dynamic capacity)
  • Design to last under fully load (thanks to high tensile steel application)
  • Modular structure allowing simple installation, also incl. helicopters
  • Minimal visual impact
  • Best available corrosion protection for long lifetime

Technical description

  • WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research homologation (SLF Institute)
  • High tensile steel nets (min. 1770 N/mm²)
  • Corrosion protection of ropes with Zn or Zn/Al class A
  • Available for Dk 2.5-4.0 and N 2.5-3.2

Debris Flow Protection Barriers

PFEIFER Debris Flow Protection Barriers
PFEIFER Debris Flow Protection Barriers

Thanks to R&D experience, protection barriers for channelized debris flows are fully customized solutions, based on our experience with dynamic hazards and flexible protective structures:

  • Solution based on well proved steel components, using high tensile steel
  • Based on standard elements with normal Pfeifer‘s availability level
  • Easy in service
  • Individual solutions perfectly reflecting terrain morphology and capacity requirements
  • Can be easily equipped with warning or monitoring systems

Technical specification

  • Based on EAD 340020-00-0106
  • Debris flow pressure up to 200 kN/m2

Shallow Landslide Protection Barriers

PFEIFER Shallow Landslide Protection Barriers
PFEIFER Shallow Landslide Protection Barriers

As a protection against shallow landslides, our offer includes modified and tested rockfall barrier:

  • Solution based on well proved steel structure
  • Based on standard elements with normal Pfeifer‘s availability level
  • Easy in service
  • Full scale tested
  • Can be easily equipped with warning or monitoring systems

Technical description

  • Design based on EAD 340020-00-0106
  • CE marked for shallow landslide pressure of 150kN/m2

Multi-Hazard Protection

PFEIFER Multi-Hazard Protection
PFEIFER Multi-Hazard Protection

Natural hazards protection requires also many site specific solutions, where in the same place different kind of hazards and loads are expected. As a highly specialized company with modular solutions and very strong R&D affiliation, we are delivering e.g.:

  • Rockfall barriers with snow pressure capacity
  • Rockfall barriers with shallow landslide retention capacity
  • Snow nets with rockfall capacity
  • Required modifications can be dimensioned and thanks to our modular approach, are easy in implementation.
  • Can be also equipped with warning or monitoring systems

Technical specification

  • Solutions including fully tested products
  • Long term experience with simulation software (e.g. FARO)
  • External audit / evaluation always possible upon request 
Your added value with PFEIFER

Attractive prices

Optimized processes, a lean supply chain and well-trained employees enable us to offer favorable prices while maintaining consistent high quality.

Fast availability

Due to the high production capacity at our modern manufacturing plant, we can guarantee fast availability of our products.

Advanced quality

As a pioneer in the market, we continue to inspire our customers with groundbreaking innovations. Choose high-quality products - for the sake of your safety!

Competent consulting

For more than 35 years we have been your reliable expert for protection systems for the prevention of natural hazards. Our experienced employees also realize your project competently according to your requirements.


Our protective systems are EAD certified and CE marked. This ensures verifiable safety even under heavy use of your new barrier.

Are you interested in our products?

Contact us and let our specialists advise you. Our team will be glad to support you.


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